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What Are The Ongoing Requirements For a FCA Authorised Person?

What are the on-going obligations for an authorised company? The Threshold Conditions necessitate continual compliance. Other applicable FCA ...


What are FCA Authorised Persons and FCA Approved Persons?

What are FCA Authorised Persons and FCA Approved Persons? FCA Authorised Persons For authorised persons, we need to ...


Authorisation: How Long & How Much?

Authorisation: How long does it take? In connection with a MiFID firm, if the application is thorough, the ...


What Legal entity Do I Use?

What legal entity do I need to create? Just to take advantage of the EU passporting regime, and ...


Discounted Regulatory Business Plan with Every Authorisation

A huge obstacle for most new business start-ups is that they are not fully aware of what is ...


So, What Are The Threshold Conditions?

Precisely what are the threshold conditions? The Threshold Conditions present the minimum conditions which a firm is obligated ...