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Discounted Regulatory Business Plan with Every Authorisation

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A huge obstacle for most new business start-ups is that they are not fully aware of what is needed to be an authorised person, when it comes to the FCA Authorisation Process and the Vital Regulatory Business Plan.

  • Yes; you need to explain all about your business and the opportunity you identify.

  • Yes: You need to know which FSMA Part IV or PSR permissions to request.

  • Yes; You need to submit personal and professional details of all the senior management.

  • Yes; You need to explain what you will do when things go wrong.

  • Yes; You will have to explain all about your proposed marketing plan.

  • Yes; You will need to explain what your sales process will be (if you need one)

But what about all the other thinks like risk management and controls, compliance monitoring, software protocols, IT double redundancy, Financial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering, outsourcing, sample contracts and so much more.

If you have the basics of a business plan and are seeking FCA Authorisation for your firm, or even if you are already an FCA Authorised Person and need to get a Variation of Permissions, you will also need a Business Plan.

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We provide the headers (with example text) & You Provide The Business Details!

Your Business Plan (typically around 40 pages) will include;

1) Introduction
2) Basic information
3) Threshold Conditions – This is a specialist section
4) Background to the business
5) Specific Opportunity, Business Proposition
6) Strategy
7) Marketing Plan
8) Business Risks and Conflict of Interest Management
9) Treating Customers Fairly – This is a specialist section
10) Risk Controls – This is a specialist section
11) Compliance Control – This is a specialist section
12) Financial Crime-related Arrangements – This is a specialist section
13) Senior Management, Systems, and Controls
14) Regulatory Capital and Liquidity – This is a specialist section
15) Contingency Arrangements
16) Information Technology
17) Disaster Recovery Arrangements
18) Third party Relationships
19) Fees and Charges
20) Outsourced Back Office
21) Personnel
22) Org Chart if more than one person in company
23) Corporate Governance and Risk Management

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Discounted Regulatory Business Plan
A huge obstacle for most new business start-ups is that they are not aware of what is needed to be an FCA authorised person, and the regulatory business plan.
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