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Simplifying IT Compliance by Leveraging the MetricStream-UCF Common Controls Hub Integration

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Craig Isaacs, CEO, Unified Compliance
Vinaya Honavalli Sathyanarayana, Associate Director, Product Management, MetricStream
With a heightened regulatory environment and increased business complexity, organizations today face a constant challenge to comply with multiple regulations, standards, and guidelines. This is often achieved without proper planning and oversight. This in turn results in an extremely high cost of compliance and requires harmonizing individual controls across a broad range of regulations.
The UCF Common Controls Hub™ (CCH) eases this burden, by giving organizations a defined set of common harmonized controls. It also provides a library of more than 200,000 individual compliance mandates from more than 800 laws and standards to address the compliance and regulatory needs.
The MetricStream and CCH integration allows you to map requirements from one framework to another, compare control frameworks across a number of compliance mandates and privacy regimes, including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, NIST and hundreds of geographic-specific requirements.
Attend this webinar, where we discuss how the MetricStream and UCF integration can help consolidate separate laws, standards, and regulations to provide clear visibility on your compliance requirements.
Key discussion points include:
– Managing complex compliance requirements by creating customized control sets and compliance templates
– How a common controls hub ensures on-demand online content update as soon as new content is available
– Achieving automated mapping of Authority Document, Citations, Controls, and Audit items
– Leveraging a common control framework to integrate all types of authority docs to provide a single, harmonized set of controls
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